Small Basic 0.8 Now with Silverlight

There is a new version of Small Basic out this week. More details about it on the Small Basic blog but briefly:

This release features:

  1. Addition of details about your published programs.

  2. Rating system for programs published online.

  3. Rich formatting based copy (useful for printing Small Basic programs)

  4. Keyword help in Intellisense plus code samples.

  5. Performance improvements in the Library APIs.

In addition, we have localized Small Basic in three new languages, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Portuguese.

The coolest feature in this release is the Silverlight player for Small Basic programs.  Now you can run Small Basic programs on your browser without having to install the IDE.  You can even embed your programs/games on your blog!  As a sample, check out Tetris below!

Now this looks like some great functionality!

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