Interesting Links 23 November 2009

Ever wonder how they get the sound effects for car racing video games? A Tesla gets recorded for Microsoft games. Interesting story really.

Hacking and ethics I was really hoping more people would leave comments and opinions on that post.Especially after a former student of mine left a strongly dissenting view. Is he right? What do you or your students think?

I saw this first on a Tweet from @Microsoft: “Make learning fun: Game Design Challenge -- build mini-games on XNA Game Studio 3.1Games for Learning Institute Announces Design Contest for Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Platform. Looks like an interesting project to get people to think about simple, small games with real educational value.

Interested in Silverlight? Perhaps with an eye to teach it at some point? There is a new 3 Day Deep Dive into Silverlight curriculum at the Microsoft Faculty Connection educational community site.

New on the Microsoft on the Issues blog - Forum Highlights Innovations in Education : Posted by L. Michael Golden Corporate Vice President, Education

There is a new public beta of Office 2010 out now. Are your tech people looking at it? Are you looking at it? I’m loving it but of course I’m biased. Plus the new features in Outlook rock for me.

For all your space science geeks - Be a Martian web site from NASA and Microsoft

Interesting tech ed blog post by Ken Royal @kenroyal last week - 15 Things All Classrooms Should Have PK-12  Has he got it right do you think? Or are things missing or extra? What’s our classroom like these days?

New to Twitter last week is @CSEdWeek to Twitter for all the latest on Computer Science Education week (website opening any day now). What is your school doing that week? CSEdWeek is on Facebook as well.

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  1. Garth says:

    I use an item than can replace the expensive interactive whiteboard, a presentation mouse.  For $50 a presentation mouse can do about 90% of what a $1200 whiteboard can do and it has a laser pointer.  Cool.  There is an awful lot of money in that list.  Being a teacher and the school techie I look at that list and say “Cool list but no way can I support it with the infrastructure that is in my building at the moment and funding is impossible”.  The laptops require access points, power, repairs, setup time, and so on.  All of the techie items require things to happen in the background to support them.  The trick is to make the list as short and as cheap as possible.  My list is short and fairly cheap:

    A projector,

    A presentation mouse,

    A computer.

    Everything else is gravy.

  2. Adrian says:

    I like that list of yours Garth,and i agree that a <a href="">computer mouse</a> can do almost all that stuff a 1200$ whiteboard can do.

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