Workshop Links September 17 2009

One of the things I like to demo and to have people do as sort of a “Hello World” for XNA Game Studio is create a simple Pong game. I did this demo today (well technically I will do it this afternoon) and thought I should make the materials more easily available. So I have uploaded them to Skydrive at the links below.

How To Create A Pong Game in XNA 


  • Step by step instructions
  • Code Snippits
  • graphical content

I’d also like to link to a previous post where I listed direct links to the individual modules of the Introduction to Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio curriculum which I talked about today. As always you can use the XNA keyword to find previous blog posts about XNA resources.

Comments (2)

  1. Bryan says:

    The guys are working on this lab in class and have already started thinking about how they can improve the game play or in one case how to take advantage of the pause feature. It’s a great lab for XNA.

  2. The code could and probably should be cleaned up in a number of ways. It is not exactly the best coding practices as it was optomised for fast and easy demos with a minimum of code. Discussion about what would be better ways do do things (Hint: public variables???) might be a nice exercise as well.

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