Loneliness of a Department of One

I read the blog post by Daniel Moix on the CSTA blog today (My Voice) with interest and a mix of emotions. His is a story I have heard before. The computer science teacher who is a department of one or merged into a department (sometimes science, sometimes math) where they just don’t really fit….


Project Learning

Joel Spolsky is an interesting guy with strong opinions about software development and the education of people going into software development. Recently he posted a blog article called Capstone projects and time management which is pretty critical of university computer science/software engineering programs. For example: It is amazing how easy it is to sail through…


Learning To Write By Reading

One of the most useful learning experiences I have had was working with editors. These talented people read my prose and make corrections, suggestions, edits, deletions and make some very helpful comments. Over time this has improved my writing quite a bit. Though of course it could still be a lot better. At the same…


Interesting Links September 26 2009

Windows 7 released to the general public last week so I have to start with a couple of Windows 7 links. OK maybe I don’t *have* to but there are a couple I wanted to share. From the Teacher Tech blog there is a list of 7 things teachers will like about Windows 7. From…


Small Basic 0.7

Small Basic is a great little project out of Microsoft’s DevLab that I have been following for a while. It’s a simple, little Basic language and IDE that harkens back to things like Qbasic and GBBasic and other early versions of BASIC that many of us cut our programming teeth on. The latest version has…


A Week For Computer Science Education

Have you seen the announcement about Computer Science Education week yet? Congress has passed a resolution designating the week of December 7 as Computer Science Education Week. This week was selected because it covers the time of Grace Hopper’s birth anniversary. I think that is a wonderfully fitting time period myself. Cameron Wilson of ACM…


Students Teaching Students

The highlight of my first year of teaching came Monday morning when the kindergarten kids came into my computer lab. I was working part time at two schools and between them I saw grades kindergarten through grade 8. It was a crazy schedule but the kindergarten kids started my week off. Kindergarten students are excited…


Workshop Links September 17 2009

One of the things I like to demo and to have people do as sort of a “Hello World” for XNA Game Studio is create a simple Pong game. I did this demo today (well technically I will do it this afternoon) and thought I should make the materials more easily available. So I have…


Web 2.0 and Other Educational Resources from Microsoft

OK, this may not be the definitive index to Microsoft resources for teachers but it’s close. Something for everyone from elementary school English teachers to high school science teachers (check out the world wide telescope) to high school computer science teachers. Lots to choose from. Web 2.0 and Other Educational Resources from Microsoft 1. PhotoSynth…


Opinions on Supportive Curriculum Resources

I’m looking for some feedback. I’ve been working on the idea of creating and sharing some computer science related curriculum units. Some might be fairly comprehensive and some, well, let’s call them supplemental resources. The idea is to provide some helpful units that a teacher could incorporate into an existing or planned course without having…