Interesting Links September 28th 2009

I love the idea of one to one computing. While it has gotten a lot of attention with mixed results in the US its only starting in many parts of the world. From  @Microsoft_EDU I found this post called  Improving teaching and learning in Kenya with 1:1 computing which talks about some joint efforts in Kenya and other places to expand this sort of program.

ISTE’s Twitter account @isteconnects regularly posts interesting links and information. Last week they asked this question -  Do you know a young edtech educator who deserves recognition? ISTE is accepting nominations for this technology educator recognition program.

Every so often something comes along and reminds me about the CIA Kids page Yes THAT CIA. Check it out. It may surprise you.

Last week was Talk Like a Pirate day. At the CSTA blog Dave Reed talks about using Talk Like A pirate day in his classes It’s fun, its interesting, it gets kids interested. Check it out.

People tend to think of Microsoft as a software company which it is. But it is also involved in hardware as well. Channel 9 just started a six part series of videos about the Hardware lab at Microsoft, Part 1 of 6 is now up.

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