Interesting Links September 21 2009

I’m convinced that the best online conversations about computer science education are taking place around Mark Guzdial’s blog these days. he recent blog post What changes CS Education? is a great example of that. besides the comments there (still coming in) there are blog responses by Leigh Ann Sudol (In continuation.. which adds to the comment she left on my response to Mark) and Ian Bogost (Computing as a Liberal Art) which has a lot of discussion in the comments as well. Check all three blogs and join in the conversations taking place.

Via Twitter I learned about which is a group of young people trying to inspire others into technology. Read about them in a News story at Really interesting idea in their summer workshops.

Know any college/university students? Have them check out this *amazing* deal: Get Windows 7 for only $29.99! That’s the site for the US program but there are similar deals in other countries.

Thanks to @PeterVogel I saw this message from @MSSpringboard How to Start a Windows 7 Pilot Deployment This is just the sort of information that school and district IT support people may want to take a look at.

Worried about the H1N1 virus and how you’ll deal with having a lot of students out of school for extended periods? have you see the new Office Live site around helping teachers prepare for N1H1 problems? Office Live workspaces may just be part of the answer for you. The site has information in videos and more. Directly related is a post called Create a Class Workspace, reach your students outside of class on the Teacher Tech blog. (@TeachTec on Twitter)  A few ideas for using virtual class workspaces with students  - please add your thoughts there.

From @Microsoft_EDU I learned that Microsoft is partnering  with Samsung's Four Seasons of Hope to kick off a $1 million tech giveaway competition. Is your school entered?

Have you seen the latest Did You Know video?

This is another official update to the original "Shift Happens" video. This completely new Fall 2009 version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist. For more information, or to join the conversation, please visit and

On a historical note from @estherschindler and @hashedbits it looks like the world’s oldest, working computer is being fixed up to reboot after 48 years.

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