Engaging Students in Computer Science – Teacher Workshop in New Jersey

I’ll be heading to New Jersey in a couple of weeks. Now if you are not from New jersey you may not think that is a good thing. A lot of people have a very limited perception about New Jersey from some TV shows and movies I don’t have to name. But those of us in the know understand that New Jersey is aptly named “The Garden State.” The people there are great and I enjoy attending and speaking at events there a couple of times a year. So I’m pleased that I will be speaking at a workshop day at Drew University that is being organized with the Computer Science Teachers Association NJ chapter Saturday, October 17, 2009.

Drew University and CSTA Northern-NJ Chapter will host a CSTA TECS workshop for computing teachers on Engaging Students in Computer Science.  The workshop will be held at Drew University on

Saturday, October 17, 2009.

The workshop will include the following presentations:

  • The Real Projects for Real  Clients Course ( RPRCC) Initiative: Attracting Young Women to Computing Majors: An ACM-W Project Presented by David Klappholz from Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Introduction to Alice2.2 and Alice 3 Presented by Don Slater from CMU and part of the Alice team there
  • Promoting a Code of Ethics and Professional  Conduct throughout your Computer Science Curriculum Presented by Steve Kass from Drew University
  • Introduction to Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio Presented by Alfred Thompson which would be me. 🙂

For more information about the workshop visit http://www.users.drew.edu/ftrees/TECS

It promises to be a very interesting and educational day. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope to see some of my blog readers there.

Comments (2)

  1. razrjay says:

    Ohhh i wish i could be there in New Jersey.My mind tells me that this workshop is definitely gonna be a superhit and a good place to meet an aspiring personality like you.

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  2. Linda Bookey says:

    Hi Alfred,

    Would really like to hear your impressions post-conference.  What works and what is scalable?  My oldest switched majors from EE to Math and Psychology because he couldn’t stand the intro level courses.  He’s clearly capable of "grok’ing" them, but they didn’t "compute" into interesting and compelling him.

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