CareerForward: Career Preparation in a Global Economy (cFWD)

Since I was offline for much of last week and didn’t have the time to find new things I thought that the start of the new school year would be a good time to re-introduce a program I have blogged about before. At the start of the year seniors are starting to think about their futures. Yes, most seniors in my experience seem to see senior year as something of a speed bump between them and their future. The CareerForward curriculum may be helpful in some schools and with some students as a way of helping their prepare. It may be even more useful for juniors who don’t “know it all” yet. 🙂

Course background:  CareerForward is a media-rich online learning program, developed through a unique public-private partnership between the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Virtual University and Microsoft. The program helps students wrestle with some of the burning questions about their futures:

  • What am I going to do with my life?
  • What is the world of work like?
  • What will I need to succeed?
  • What’s next for me?

Using a variety of multimedia, course topics explore these questions and more. Throughout the course, students are asked frequently to reflect on what they’re learning, to write their thoughts down as a continual refinement of their thinking, and to discuss their thoughts with other students, either in-person or online.  Students can work with local educators to access the online course, which takes about four to six weeks or approximately 20 hours to complete. The course is designed to be facilitated by a local teacher and can be used independently or as part of an existing face-to-face course in career planning, business or global studies.

cFWD student/teacher video:

cFWD course location:

cFWD trailer:

cFWD online teacher webcast

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