A Couple of Links August 11 2009

Last week was light on really interesting links. Maybe it was me – who knows. I have a couple of to share though. The first is a plea from a project that is trying to capture really good blog links for K-12 teachers. There are two wiki pages that have been set up and I hope you will contribute to them if you know some appropriate links to add. And if you don’t know of some particularly good K-12 blog well then go visit and find some.

  • Education Blogs by Discipline – Computer science is down near the bottom with Business. We really need more links there so please help if you know any.
  • Resources related to K-12 blogging - Includes some good example blogs, school, classroom, etc to show people. If you are thinking about educational blogging go visit this wiki and I think you’ll learn a lot.

Dave Briccetti has set up a Young Programmers Podcast series that is worth checking out.

A video podcast for computer programmers in grades 3 and up. We will learn about Scratch, Alice, Python, Pygame, and perhaps Ruby, Java and Scala. From professional software developer and teacher Dave Briccetti, and a few special guests.

Now if I could get him into Visual Basic and/or C# I’d be all set. 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to check out the CSTA Podcasts I blogged about earlier.

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  1. Ella Sherry says:

    A K-12 teacher website that I found really useful was applebatch.com, it offers some great resources to teachers.

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