Interesting Links August 3rd 2009

Need clipart? Have you visited the Microsoft Office online clipart home? And the Images for Teachers section in particular?

Did you know that Microsoft and Boys and Girls Clubs of America have had an 11 year partnership including their Club Tech program? Read about it here at Microsoft on the issues.

Why do people work at Microsoft Research? Microsoft Research collected a bunch of short (and interesting) essays from people who work at MSR about why they work at Microsoft Research. I know a number of MS Researchers and they are amazing people.

Have you seen/heard Coder Girl rap? It’s a rap salute to a girl who programming.  It’s nice to see a rap that is respectful of women and of tech women in particular.

My manager, Jim Pinkelman Twittering @jimpink: Bing vs Google: A web site that lets you search both search engines at the same time and compare results. Speaking of search have you seen Page Hunt? It’s a fun game that lets you see how well you understand how to search. Or perhaps how search engines understand you. It’s goal is to help make searching better.

From Microsoft learning’s Born To Learn blog (and Twitter @MSLearning) I found a great article that explains some of Microsoft’ latest certification options - Microsoft’s New Certifications: What They Are, Why They Matter

I’m a big OneNote fan and I’ve long said it is a key tool for students today and one I wish they all had. I found a couple of OneNote items last week

One last fun tech video. Microsoft Surface at Churchend Primary School in the UK. This has possibilities.

Late Edit: Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher) has posted Touching the Surface of Teaching with Microsoft Surface a video blog about Microsoft Surface, touch interfaces and their use in education.

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