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I stopped by the NCWIT booth at NECC today (it’s a partner booth outside room 147A in the conference center) and they asked me to blog about their Gotta Have IT materials. So of course I am. It’s a really great set of materials and they are really useful for building awareness and encouraging interest in computing. If you are at NECC you should really stop by and pick up a set of these materials for use in your school. Want more information or can’t get to NECC? Visit the Gotta Have IT web site where I got  the description below:

Gotta Have IT is an all-in-one computing resource kit designed with educators' needs in mind. A select set of high-quality posters, computing and careers information, digital media and more, the resource kit builds awareness and inspires interest in computing. Gotta Have IT is for all students, but is especially inclusive of girls

And if you do stop by their booth outside room 147A  tell them Alfred from Microsoft sent you. 🙂

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for that information.  I am a new computer teacher for the next school year and finding the right materials can be a challenge.  

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