Recent Links of Interest June 29th 2009

The Visual Basic team has a new site called “I'm a VBthat they are having some fun with. You’ll find a bunch of interviews with Visual Basic developers – both those who develop the product and those who develop products using Visual Basic.

My friend Andrew Parsons aka @MrAndyPuppy pointed me to Bulgaria's entry for Imagine Cup. It’s a cool system for teachers that lets a class full of students your their own mice on one computer at the same time. It has some interesting possibilities for schools who can’t afford a lot of computers. It is just one of the interesting projects at the web site set up for the people’s choice voting for the international Imagine Cup finals. Check them all out.

Speaking of friends, Leigh Ann Sudol aka @lsudol wrote a post called The new image of computing which asks “what the right message to grow the number of computer scientists?”

Have you seen that the Microsoft Security Essentials Beta is now available? Free protection against viruses & other malicious software.

I forget where I found the link to this article and I apologize for that. Top Indian CEO: Most American Grads Are ‘Unemployable’  Could it be true? Whose fault might it be? It’s pretty scary really. How do we fix things so that no one says this in the future?

Dan Waters posted a two part series on his blog about audio programming. Dan’s a musician and understands audio a lot better than I do.

And last for today but not least, the Spring 2009 issue of the Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT) is now out. Check it out.

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