Gadgets – Using and Creating

I’ve been playing with gadgets. Mostly I have been adding little gadgets to my blog (scroll down and look at the left sidebar to see them). Most recently I added a TechNet Widget

Download the new TechNet Widget and you’ll be “in the know” real-time about the latest from Microsoft TechNet -  breaking news, videos, webcasts, podcasts and TechNet Magazine highlights.

It’s designed for IT professionals but I know that a lot of educators, tech coordinators, school/district tech support people and CIOs are all really IT professionals so I thought some people may be interested in keeping an eye what is going on with TechNet. Plus it is an excuse to talk about gadgets and widgets and what not.

I found several articles and web sites with information on how to create Vista gadgets and web gadgets that I thought I would share:

Windows Live Gallery Developer page - Learn how to build, publish, and manage items for Windows Live Gallery with the following helpful resources.

Create a Vista Gadget Using Visual Studio IDE

Take a look. This may make an interesting project at some point.

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