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XNA Lab in a Box

Developed in partnership between the Microsoft Innovation Center in the Netherlands and Avanade Netherlands, this three day set of XNA tutorials and courseware was designed to provide over 50 faculty and teachers from the Netherlands with hands on experience of how to teach and build 2d and 3d games with XNA Game Studio in a lab environment.


XNA Game Studio Workshop

This material was created by Kelvin Sung, Associate Professor of Computing and Software Systems from the University of Washington, Bothell, Washington. Based on the Microsoft XNA framework, he presents a simple programming abstraction and guides participants in developing a simple 2D "Block Breaker" game. Participants will have access to all source code and step-by-step development guides.

Learn Programming with XNA

"Getting Started Making Games with C# and XNA Game Studio" is a programming course for senior high school or undergraduate students with no prior programming experience. It is intended to engage students with the craft of programming by the creation of gameplay using the XNA game framework.

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