Useful Links Twittered June 1 2009

I’m finding that posting these lists of links has become pretty useful to me. I find myself happy that I have an easy place to search for some of these things.

Microsoft announced a new search engine web site called Bing. Channel 9 has a demo of Bing.

Interested in getting certified? Get Microsoft Certified Before June 30th for $25 (2 chances!)

From Steve Dembo (@teach42) Just in case you missed it, educators can get a free Lego kit and enter the LEGO® Smart™ Creativity Contest

Frank Arrego (@frankarr) Posted a link to “The 24 Worst Domain Names Ever” These sorts of naming examples open the doors for all sorts of discussions of unintended consequences and the need to really look at things from several points of view.

The Computer Science Teachers Association posted a new document on K-8 computer science education  for review. It’s well worth looking at if you are interested is seeing the sorts of things that perhaps students should be learning about computer science before high school.

People wonder about the efficacy of the malware program Microsoft includes on the monthly patch updates. Recently Microsoft released some information about what has been happening with it. It turns out that is has cleaned password stealer tools from 859,842 PCs

danah boyd is one of the top experts on young people interacting on the Internet. She recently posted an article called When teachers and students connect outside of school That I thinks is just really great. If you think at all about students and teachers interacting in social networking sites and other online activities this post is highly recommended.

Do you and your students discuss privacy at all? Take a look at  25 Surprising Things Google Knows About You.

The Imagine Cup is a huge international student computer technology competition A couple of videos about it became available last week:

Under the cool technology department I found a link to a machine that rolls dice and saves the results. Something to look at when talking about how to generate real random numbers and what sort of applications need them.

Hilary Pike (@HilaryP) posted a link to her How-to Mail Merge Video.

I had a meeting with people in the NASA Education program last week. This led me to a ton of interesting NASA space resource for educators.

Do you struggle with teaching students about Binary numbers? Check out this post titled How I Taught My Mother Binary Numbers from the Exploring Binary blog.

Jean-Luc David (@jldavid) posted a link to an article talking about Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer being optimistic about tech recovery.

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