Interesting links Twittered May 25 2009

Well a little late in the day but here is my latest collection of links Twittered that I hope you will find interesting and/or useful. As always I welcome followers on Twitter @alfredtwo.

From my friend jean-Luc David (@jldavid) This article on Bill Gates  and Steve Ballmer being optimistic about tech recovery.

I’ve long thought that middle school was a key time in a student’s life. Here is an interesting editorial in the New York times about the drop out rate. One key quote "Researchers can now predict as early as sixth grade which students are likely to leave school without diplomas." Could introducing computer science earlier help? Maybe.

From the amazing Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock) Here is a link to some copyright guides for teaching staff and students about copyright and intellectual property.

What is the most successful computer game in history? From @MSWindows a link to an article at  TechRadar that claims the most successful game ever is Minesweeper

Looking for free books? From @MicrosoftPress: Just a reminder: May's free e-books (on Terminal Services & defect prevention) shut down on May 27

New post from @coding4fun Rook to bishop, checkmate: Ever wonder how to build a chess game? Jacques Fournier has built a computer chess game with source code available.

From @MSLearning: Comes an update on Dunbar High, Microsoft Certified High School 

Dean Kamen is the founder of FIRST Robotics and an amazing inventor of all sorts of high tech medical and other inventions. His house is quite unique and not open to the public. Recently the local New Hampshire TV station @WMUR9 had a chance to visit and posted pictures labeled Dean Kamen's Home A Mix Of Marvels, Living Space : A rare look inside the architectural marvel Sometimes geeks live very well. 🙂

I found out that there are still openings in Mark @guzdial 's summer workshops. Not sure how that is possible because I know they are good workshops.  Go sign up people! They're free!

My friend Clint Rutkas (@ClintRutkas) and I are always going back and forth about the differences between C# and Visual Basic. Recently Channel 9 (@c9) posted an interview about C# and VB growing together.

From @Microsoft_Gov and @marketwire Girl Scouts & MSFT Windows Launch Online Safety Campaign: Teens Are the Teachers

Some people think that Microsoft and the Linux Foundation are always on opposite sides of everything. In one case at least they are on the same side of a licensing issue.

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