Interesting Links May 18 2009

One of the things looking back on a list of links that I have Twittered shows me is that I have been getting information from a wide range of people. Some are from industry people especially Microsoft people and some are from educators. Others are from non-profits who work with educators. And some I have no idea where they are really from.

From Girls in Tech (@GITweet by way of @anitaborg_org) If found out that they are presenting the World of Casual Games This is a chance to learn about job opportunities in the games industry.

Mark Guzdial (@guzdial) continues to write just about the best stuff on computer science education issues there is. If you are interested in computer science education than his blog is a must read. I twittered links to two things Mark has written about this past week.

  • Mark’s May CACM column (
  • On his Amazon blog Mark wrote a post titled Lack of Women in CS: Only in the Developed World It appears that in some countries computer science is not seen as male specific. In fact in some areas the opposite is true. Mark does a good job talking about what this means for computer science education in the US.

This week if found this interesting Microsoft Research Video about a new technology that can turn a cell phone into an ultra sound scanner. This technology was created with funding help from the External Research Division of MSR. I find it pretty exciting how technology continues to change the world in positive ways.

From Jean-Luc David (@jldavid) I found this article on “The 10 coolest jobs in tech” If  you want  students to see what cool jobs there are this is the list. And by the way, number 10 is Technology Evangelist which just happens to be my job. And yes it is that cool.

From Karla Tharin Hakansson (@TeachTec) I learned about a new offer for a FREE download of Microsoft AutoCollage for Educators on the ITN. This is a great tool for storytelling, student portfolios. And now  teachers can get it for free.

The CSTA blog had a post that asks the questions “how good are alternative certified teachers?” Alternative certification is becoming a critical piece of the puzzle for getting enough teachers who are qualified to teach the subject. We really have to think about all the ramifications of alternative certification, “normal” certification and the whole question of what certification really means.

For the tech people you know who are or will be evaluating Windows 7 you may be interested in a free application that Microsoft released to help users determine if their PCs are powerful enough to run Win7 Thanks to Kristin Bockius ( @Microsoft_Gov)

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