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Last night I was in the supermarket and the bag boy noticed my old Windows Longhorn shirt and asked me if I worked for Microsoft. When I replied that I did he told me he was trying out Windows 7 Beta. Quite a world we live in where high school kids are beta testing new operating systems. I wonder how many school tech support teams are doing the same?

I found out about some new online  These Clinics are geared towards three different audiences, and focus on introducing new features and functionality to those interested in simply learning more about the OS or those that are already considering deploying in the near future. 

What’s New in Windows 7 for Consumers (1 Hour)

What’s New in Windows 7 for IT Professionals (2 Hours)

What’s New in Windows 7 for Information Workers (2 Hours)

If you want still more Windows 7 training and skills development information, the Windows 7 Learning Portal is now live as well! This site is currently showcasing content, including 7 Silverlight Learning Snacks, free sample chapters from upcoming MS Press Books, Learning Plans, links to clinics/HOLs and more.

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