Links Twittered April 27th 2009

I didn’t Twitter as much as usual last week because I was in Toronto (blogged a little about that here) But I did find an pass alone a few interesting things. This week will be very sparse as I will be at the Foundations of Digital Games conference most of the week. Since the conference is on a cruise ship and I’ll have no Internet or cell phone access I will be pretty quiet. I may pre-post some things to show up during the week if I can. But for now, here are some links.

I’ll start with a couple of Tablet PC links I passed alone. For chemistry teachers take a look at ChemPad from Brown University.

ChemPad allows chemistry students to draw molecule diagrams on a Tablet PC or tablet-enabled Windows Vista PC and have the computer automatically generate the corresponding 3D models. As always, ChemPad is free to download and use.

And then there are the Tablet PC PowerToys.

If you are in Boston/Cambridge there will be a Tech Tuesday meetup at MS NERD on Tuesday (April 28th) where among the technology available will be the Sectera Edge Smartphone (the one Obama uses). Also Dan Bricklin will be there with copies of his new book.

The Microsoft On The Issues blog has a post last week titled Why Earth Day Matters to Microsoft posted by Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Strategist Rob Bernard.

U.S. Imagine Cup finals are being held in Cambridge this coming week-end (also at Microsoft’s New England Research & Development Center) and voting is open for people for vote for the people’s choice winner. So far the MangoBunnies, the first All-women's team to make it to the Imagine Cup US finals are in the lead.

Todd Bishop reported a story about how a  Microsoft designer found a simple way to help kids hang on to mice. This is apparently a big deal for students/children with certain types of disability.

Over at the Springboard Blog, Hilary Pike wrote a post titled Designing User Experiences and Mobile Applications.

Sort of related is this post about modifing a screen saver so that users can comment on images that the program is loading written by Matt Gertz of the Visual Basic team. I really want to build this project when I get a chance.

And lastly for this week’s list, at the Teaching Ideas and Resources blog Stu asks “is PowerPoint dead?”

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