Interesting Links April 20 2009

If it is Monday it must be time to recap the recent links. This week I have a number that I sent to Twitter but also a number that came via email that I haven’t had time to Twitter. Yes, it’s true I have been so busy lately that I haven’t been Twittering as much.

Starting off with one I did Twitter is a link to the Innovative Teachers Network.

… a global community of educators who value innovative uses of information and communication technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Mark Guzdial had two interesting posts this week and I Twittered links to both.

On Tech & Learning there was an article titled 9 reasons Teachers should Twitter

Have you seen Aero Shake yet? A feature new in Windows 7 that I thought was cool and have been using since I saw this video. I’ll have links to more information on Windows 7 soon so stay tuned. Subscribe to this blog if you use an RS reader like RSS Bandit or Google Reader. Thanks!

Oh and there is a new version of Small Basic out. Now available with both UI and help in French as well as English. Very cool. I’m in Canada this week so I will have to make sure I mention that.

From the CSTA blog  Communication Skills for Computer Science Students (& maybe more of the curriculum as well) We do need to teach all students that they need to communicate well and teacher them how to do so.

There are some new videos out for learning how to use Visual Web Developer Express. Haven’t Twittered that one yet.

Does you school have a business education department? Interested in using the Microsoft Dynamics products in your curriculum? Check out the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance program.

Are you in New Hampshire by any chance? The University of New Hampshire is offering a summer Tech Camp this year. Junior high and high school students entering grades 7-10 who are curious about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) will be interested. There are both day camp and residential options. There is something to be said for a student getting to live on a college campus while in high school and visualizing themselves there someday.

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