New Resources for the the Faculty Resource Center

The the Faculty Resource Center which is easily reached from the Faculty Connection site has had some reorganization lately. And some new resources added. One piece is a number of Special Collaboration Areas. A couple that may be of interest to high school computer science teachers are:

There are also a number of resource kits now available.


The one on Gaming, Game Development and Design may be of particular interest to many of you. It contains papers, talks, curriculum and other resources and references.

Notes: Brian – this is the easy way to find links to the DigiPen materials you are always looking for current links for – see the curriculum links.

Tom – check out the Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games course which may help you with your AI for robotics course that you are thinking about.

Comments (3)

  1. Great start to put everything together at one location. However, much of the material is outdated and doesn’t even include XNA 3.0.

    One thing that should be noted for teachers who want to teach XNA is that you need to have the DirectX 9 graphics card capable of Shader Model 1.1

    Go here for more information.

  2. AlfredTh says:

    They all worked yesterday. 🙁 I just updated them and tested them so they should work now.

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