Silverlight Developer Contest

I know that a lot of students are looking to learn new skills and show of the ones they have. And often having a project, particularly one with a potential cash prize, can inspire students just a little extra to learn something new. Plus the people behind this contest are friends of mine so I have to share it with you.

What’s your creativity worth?  This winter, build, shape and code your game concepts, and you stand to win $5000. From January 26th, to April 15th, Microsoft is asking game developers to dust off their best game ideas and bring them to life using Silverlight 2.0, the flexible new platform for delivering rich online content to your audience. 

This idea of the Server Quest Silverlight contest is to have people create small fun games using Silverlight. It looks like fun. Contestants must be 16 years or older and its limited to the US- Sorry but I don’t make the rules.

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