Thursday Links – 2/12/2009

  • CareerForward is a self-contained online course that can help schools prepare students for their work lives and career opportunities in a global economy. This award-winning course can be used with other career planning tools to help students:
    • Assess their career interests
    • Explore career options
    • Create an education development plan

  • First Bytes is an award winning outreach program designed especially for high school women who want a "taste" of computer science through "hands-on" experience. It is designed to dispel myths about computer science and intrigue young women with the potential of computing and the excitement of problem solving.
  • Small Basic 0.3 released:

    This version introduces a code sharing feature that allows anyone to publish their program online, with just one click.  The published program can then be imported and run by anyone, as long as they know the id for the program.

    The new set of features are listed below.

    First, the features

    1. Publish and Import
    Remember how you had to copy and paste your program to share it with friends or to post your sample on the forums?  Well, you don't have to anymore.  Just hit the Publish button and you'll get back a 6-digit/letter combination code.  This code uniquely identifies your program and your friends can now view and run your program by importing it using this code.

    Also, you can view your program by going to and typing your program code.  For example, I wrote a really simple program and published it.  The id I got back was DCT967.  Everyone can now view this program at:

    2. Splash Screen

    3. Performance optimizations: Makes Small Basic startup faster


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