Are you certifiable? Are your students?

Microsoft just released a web site at that just may be the way to find out if you are ready for a professional certification. There are two sets of questions/quizzes to try out – IT Professional and Developer. The questions are a mix of serious technical questions that could have been ripped right from the regular certification exams and the occasional pop culture (well geek culture) trivia question. The format is game show with graphics and of course the ever popular Clippy (ok maybe let’s call him the forced into retirement over the hill Clippy – but at least he is famous enough for his own Wikipedia page) as host for much of the sessions.

So sign up, choose a character, select your field of expertise, and pit yourself against the entire online tech community in a quest for Tech IQ supremacy, a top spot on the leaderboard—and ultimate bragging rights.

The next step may just be the site where you can find information about training, professional development, career information and more information on certifications.

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