Java To C# Orange Book

So perhaps you are teaching Java and your students want to learn C# (sea sharp). Or maybe you want to learn or teach C# your self and are coming from a Java background. Well  I have found the free resource for you. Rob Miles who wrote the free “C# Yellow Book” text book that I have written about before has a new free book out. This one is called the C Sharp from Java Orange Book And of course the book has an orange color. Or should I say “colour” since Rob is from the UK. See language differences can get you in natural languages as well as programming languages. 🙂 If that direct PDF link doesn't work you can get to it from - Not sure why my link doesn't always work.

The book (<500kb and about 27 pages) includes a host of “how do I” questions and answers that should be most helpful for people moving from Java to C#. The two languages are a lot a like in many ways but there are those little differences that can easily bite someone making a transition. Rob’s got a great collection here and I rate this as a must have for people doing both Java and C#. Thanks Rob!

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