Internet Safety for the Whole Family

I gave a presentation to parents at a local middle school last night about Internet safety. One of the things I left them with was a collection of useful links and online references for parents, teachers, and students. This seemed like a pretty useful list when I was done with it so I decided to post it here as well. There are lots more good sites of course but I had limited space. I hope people find these useful.

Internet Safety programs




· Microsoft Internet Safety Site -

Phishing Scam and Internet Hoax Information

· Recognize phishing scams and fraudulent e-mails

· Search for information on Internet hoaxes

· Phishing Phil – an online game for learning about Phishing -

Game Console Safety Information

· Microsoft Xbox 360 Information

· Nintendo Console Information

· Sony Playstation Information

· Entertainment Software Rating Board

Windows Parental Controls

· Windows Vista

· Windows XP

Credit Reporting Companies





· Video on Cyber bullying

· Information about strong passwords

Comments (3)

  1. brian says:

    thanks for all the great resources

  2. It’s a minor point but in regards to keeping your email private, the information posted here is good for folks to know:

  3. Alfred, your blog is always so informative.  Thanks for sharing so much useful information! (I have ripped off so many ideas from you–keep them coming!)

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