Monte Carlo Simulation – Roulette

In theory, theory and practice as the same. In practice, all too often, they are not. Sometimes running a simulation can help one separate theory and reality. For example, about a month ago I received an email that promised me success at the roulette tables. This is a game I’m not into because it seems…


Keeping It Simple

Sample code is a great way to learn how to do things in computer programming. The problem for many beginners is that a lot of sample code is written by professionals for professionals. This means several things both good and bad. On the good side students are exposed to good coding practices (usually), technically correct…


Monte Carlo Simulation – Slot Machines

Random numbers are fun. Really they are. They are at the heart of gambling for sure but they are also a key part of what is called a Monte Carlo Simulation. These simulations are used for all sorts of scientific, financial, engineering and other simulations. They are an attempt to figure the effects of chance,…


Microsoft bliink Contest in the State of Illinois

I made mention of this announcement when it was first made in October. I hope that if you are at a high school in Illinois you know about this and are getting involved. Note that it doesn’t have to be a computer science teacher/or class that gets involved. Microsoft is actively looking to create similar…


Women and Computer Science – Is It The Environment?

The Internet was a buzz last week with reports of a study done on the effects of environment on women’s interest in computer science. (Links to articles below) While we’ve been talking about how the atmosphere in a computer lab or a computer class may be a turn off for women now there is a…


Interesting Links December 21 2009

This will probably be my last interesting links post for the year. I’m taking some vacation time and hope to take a break even from the Internet. Hopefully you all will  be getting some rest and recharge time as you prepare for the new year as well. I’ve got a few posts up and in…


Microsoft at FETC 2010

I’m going to FTEC in Orlando this January. This will be my first time at FETC and I’m looking forward to it. There isn’t usually a lot for computer science/programming/web development teachers at FETC from what I understand but this year Pat Phillips and I will be there to talk about the Expression Web development…


Don’t Lose It

Years ago I saw a cartoon, it was probably in The New Yorker, that was set in what looked like an excusive upper class businessmen’s club. Two very well dressed overweight businessmen were seated in overstuffed chairs. One of them was saying to the other “I owe everything I am today to some advice my…


Where to Find Computer Science Lectures Online

With school vacations coming up this seemed like a great time to accept this guest blog post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. I can imagine a lot of people looking for ways to do something educational over the holiday. While many of these may be a bit much for high school students some will be…


Deploying XNA Games

Kathleen Weaver, one of the many amazing computer science teachers in Texas these days, has been using XNA Game Studio with her students. Recently she recorded two videos that demonstrate how to deploy XNA games to other devices. Specifically this first video shows how to deploy a game from your PC to an XBOX 306….