Software Modeling

So have you unpacked your Christmas gifts, eaten your fill of the holiday feast or perhaps you don’t celebrate Christmas and the whole Internet seems quiet and boring? Maybe you are looking to learn something new? Perhaps explore the idea of software modeling? Or maybe you have heard about Oslo – some new project from Microsoft? Or maybe you are just willing to spend some time watching a video? Well here is a cute time killer.

I found this video of “the history of modeling” at Channel 8 last week. It’s cute even though it is part education and part advertizing. Either way it is an introduction to Microsoft’s new software modeling tool code-named Oslo. There is more information and other videos at if you are interested.

Comments (2)

  1. Really interesting stuff here. I hadn’t heard of Oslo yet, but I have had a keen interest in Microsoft’s different modeling technologies. I’m happy to see a good implementation of Microsoft’s Domain Specific Languages. It is a really interesting technology. Good find!

  2. BPM software says:

    All of Microsoft’s partners in the BPM industry are waiting eagerly to see Oslo released. We feel it is important that Microsoft puts SOA and BPM in the centre-field

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