Free EBooks From Microsoft Learning

I was checking the Microsoft Learning blog the other day and saw this announcement of some free eBooks as Microsoft Press continues its 25th Anniversary eBook giveaway. The books below are only available until December 24th so grab them now if they look interesting. I’ve grabbed a copy of Writing Secure Code for Vista myself. Writing secure code is something I think is very important and something that I think students should at least discuss from their earliest programming experiences.

Understanding IPv6, by Joseph Davies
Writing Secure Code for Vista, by Michael Howard and David LeBlanc

Also you can sign up for a newsletter that will let you know as soon as additional free eBooks become available. Visit one of those book links for more information.

Comments (2)

  1. Ali Ahmed says:

    Its a pity the e-books were available for such a short time. Surely a rich company like Microsoft could make athe world a better place by supporting education. There are approx. 125 million kids world wide. Making knowledge available for a few days does not help educators – its as if that opportunity never existed 🙁

  2. AlfredTh says:

    Those books are not really designed for educators as much as for professional developers. I do hope that some educators are able to take advantage of them though. I think that people who are interested in these sorts of offers are well off subscribing to the MS Learning newsletters. And don’t forget that a companay that gives everything away doesn’t stay in business too long. 🙂

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