Links For Girls, Links for Career Stuff, and Going Green

So I got a number of links to links today. OK some are direct to the items but some are to pages with just too many links to copy. Wouldn’t be right. The first big set of links I found at the NCWIT blog post titled 100 Recommended Resources on Gender in S&E (S&E  stands for science and engineering). It links to Ruta Sevo’s “10 x 10 List.”There are a lot of great resources there and it’s not all for girls. Headers are below:

For anyone:

    • Self study guide – reading for newbies
    • Libraries, knowledge centers, Bibliography

For parents and afterschool leaders:

    • Biographies of women in science and engineering (Role models)
    • Video’s and CD’s designed to inspire girls
    • Guides for parents and afterschool leaders
    • Afterschool Activities, materials and kits

For educators and researchers:

    • Training and Consulting Services, Technical Assistance Projects
    • Best practices resources – K-12
    • University-level transformation/change
    • International activity
    • National policy reports
    • Research on discrimination and women in S&E
    • Statistics on diversity in S&E
    • Title IX and S&E education
    • More organizations

For girls and boys:

    • Games and online activities for children

From the Ideas for Teaching Computer Technology to Kids blog I found two great resources.

Going Green – There is lots of talk about the environment, using less energy and related topics these days. The UK issue of TechNet magazine is a special “green edition.” How does computer hardware and software relate to saving energy? Check it out!

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