Online Tech Communities for Students

There are lots of places online for students who are interested in technology to congregate and get information. Microsoft has been running the Channel 8 site for a while now for example. It has lots of videos, some by Microsoft people and some from students, and there is a forum with some good discussion. But while I love it (and have linked to it often) there have been requests for a way for more students to interact online with Microsoft employees. So back in September Microsoft launched Microphone. (My friend Diane announced it here and I included some of that announcement below)

You've asked, we've listened! You wanted to have a conversation with Microsoft, to talk with us about the issues you care about and to know we are listening.  So we've decided to expand our Facebook presence...  In addition to our good 'ol Facebook Page, the Academic team has now launched Microphone! 

The Microsoft Microphone Community is our way of bringing the conversation to you, in the places that you want to talk. Welcome to the conversation, engage with us, make an impact.

This is an attempt to go where the students are. And there are a lot of them on Facebook. 🙂 What’s different about this site is that it about dialogue. There are regular featured conversations in the discussion forums with people from the various product groups. Students get a chance to interact online with people who are actually doing the work many of them want to do some day. And all sorts of other topics including several about job hunting in general and Microsoft in specific. I get involved from time to time but a great many of the Microsoft team who are involved are a lot closer to college age than I am. 🙂

And there are prizes for participation because, well, everyone likes a little incentive.

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