Top 10 Education People to Follow on Twitter

This is a list of the people I know who are twittering about education (in general – not much CS education) and who I think are the people to follow if you are looking for people to follow on twitter about education. If you are looking for a very scientific and highly authoritative list of the top education people on Twitter that everyone should follow this isn’t it.

The ideal list would include a systematic study of who is following who, who is replying to who, and take into account all the followers each person has. Twitter Grader does something like that and its ranking was one thing I took into account when I created this list. But my list is also highly subjective based on who I see talking and more importantly who I perceive as others taking seriously. If you went strictly by Twitter Grader this is not the list that would result. There are some high ranking Twitter people who just don’t twitter as much or engage in as many conversations. I see conversations as a real good thing in someone I am thinking about following.

I follow all of these people and most of them follow most of the rest of the list. A couple follow me too. 🙂

So here is my list in no particular order. The first column is their Twitter user name with a link to their Twitter page. The second is their name in real life with a link to their blog if they have one. Lastly is the Bio they used on their Twitter page. This is a format and an idea inspired by the list Ten People All Twitter Beginners Should be Following by Mark Hayward wrote for the ProBlogger Blog Tips blog.

Jump in and tell me who I should have put on it and who I should have left off. Tell me WHY though.

chrislehmann  Chris Lehmann Principal of the Science Leadership Academy
garystager Gary Stager
teach42 Steve Dembo Online Community Manager, Discovery Education
coolcatteacher Vicki Davis Teacher, blogger, technology geek, Mother
jutecht Jeff Utecht   Education, Technology, Consultant, Presenter
dwarlick Dave Warlick 30+ year educator, technologist, programmer, author, & public speaker
wfryer Wesley Fryer I'm here for the learning revolution
budtheteacher  Bud Hunt I'm learning.
McLeod  Scott McLeod Director, CASTLE.
jonbecker Jon Becker Assistant professor of educational leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

If you want to follow me on Twitter I am at AlfredTwo.

BTW if you are interested in education blogs take a look at this post by Scott McLeod who looks at recent changes in Technorati rankings of the to 50 education blogs.

Comments (7)

  1. xrt2000 says:

    I will be sure to add you on Twitter! This article also gives me a nice idea on how to improve my business.


  2. Podblack says:

    Hey, thanks! I’m on Twitter, also a blogger/educator/ researcher and I’m ‘Podblack’! 🙂

  3. ehakobyan says:

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  4. Lisa Thumann says:

    This is a nice list. A good start.

    For more information, if you are interested, see my post (and Google Presentation) on "21 Ed Tech Leaders You Just Have To Meet" at



    lthumann on

  5. Liz Davis says:

    I think this list is a place to start, but most of the people on it have significantly more followers than people they are following. This means that the conversations with these folks is mostly one way.

    I would suggest that folks new to Twitter also look for people with a smaller number of followers. Those folks are more likely to follow you back and to respond when you have a question. If someone is not following you back, they won’t see your Tweets unless you use the @sign before their Twitter name.

    I created a survey for people to fill out with their Twitter names:

    It links to a spreadsheet which you can sort by grade level, subject area and location:

    I would also suggest taking a look at this Wiki which categorizes educators on Twitter by what they teach:

    I recently created a slide show with directions for how to sign up and get started on Twitter:

    Hope this helps.


  6. Scott McLeod says:

    Thanks, Alfred, but I think I’m a terrible Twitterer to follow! I’m just not on there enough…

  7. Jon Becker says:

    Hey, thanks, man.  I’m just trying to remain a viable node on an increasingly large and wonderful network.

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