Weekly Wrap-up November 21 2008

I’ve really been offline most of this week. Everything posted this week until yesterday was posted in advance. So I am catching up with lots of things that have showed up in my inbox or that I think should be tied it with something else. So here now are a few odds and ends that I hope will be useful.

Mike Tholfsen announced that the webinar he did on OneNote Toolkit for Teachers is now available for on demand viewing. I posted about that here and a more complete list of upcoming webinars here.

I found out about a new community site for teachers in the United Kingdom - www.schooltogethernow.com for parents, children, teachers, schools - aiming to bring the school community together. There is also the UK Innovative Teacher network among other such communities. Are people using them? Do you find them useful?

Speaking of the UK, Mark Johnston  blogs about a huge student event that Microsoft UK ran recently. There are videos online and while I haven’t had a chance to view them myself they sound interesting.

Lastly I note that there are fewer than 10 days left to nominate your favorite education blogger for the 2008 Edublogger awards. I made some nominations here.

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  1. Warren says:

    I was lucky enough to attend this event in September. Very very enjoyable and amazign to see Steve B in person!

    Oh.. and in since I couldn’t see your name in the nominations lists… you’ve been nominated now 🙂 http://technofutures.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/2008-edublog-awards/

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