I keep learning cool things from Twitter. No really. The people I follow are often doing interesting and educational things and sharing via Twitter. Last week someone posted a Tweet about http://learnscratch.org/. I made a note to visit the site and did so this week. It is pretty cool and very helpful. There are a series of video casts, some lesson plans and additional information including a good page on Why Teach Scratch that you may find useful for explaining to your administration why this fun activity is actually an important teaching tool for 21st Century skills. The official Scratch website where you can download Scratch for free and join the Scratch community is at http://scratch.mit.edu/

BTW you can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/alfredtwo If you are on Twitter let me know so I can follow you as well. You can find more of what I have written about Scratch using this key word link.

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  1. Garth says:

    Very interseting tutorials.  If watching paint dry or toast cooking is too exciting for you, watch these tutorials, they should mellow you right out.  I just cannot picture any student at any age suffering through these.  Scratch it great for kids but they pick it up so fast simply by exploring the options.  Give them a reference manual and some examples and hang on.  Audio tutorials need to do things that cannot be done as well or better in written form.  Audio tutorials force the learner to the pace of the tutorial.  It is hard to simply jump over the stuff they know to the stuff they do not, as can be done in text format.  Scratch is so nice because the kids do not have to be led by the hand.  Just give the kids a general idea for a project, show them a couple of tools/techniques and get out of the way.

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