The Future Of Programming Languages

I have to confess that I am a programming language geek. I’m always looking at new languages and trying to understand how they solve different problems. And so this Panel: The Future of Programming Languages was very interesting to me. I think that it may be a useful video for computer science students as well. it may even be useful to start some conversations around limitations and advantages of different programming languages.

The description is:

Learn about the future of programming from some of the leading programming languages experts in the world. Hear how programming will be affected by a number of fundamental changes that are occurring like many-core machines, cloud computing, and more. Also hear about the biggest challenges that face the industry. This will be a fascinating expert panel discussion for anyone that is involved with developing applications or services.

The panel includes experts from industry and academia. It includes Microsoft researchers as well as researchers from other companies who work focuses around Java and C++. So it offers multiple perceptions.

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