NSF and the Birth of the Internet

One of the reasons I really believe that teachers should blog and otherwise participate more activity on the Internet is so that they can share resources. In the Internet age news of new resources for education should fly around the world and into use right away. Teachers sharing good finds is part of why I follow every high school computer science teacher blog I can find. Case in point Leigh Ann Sudol (currently a full-time graduate student but one of the best HS CS teachers ever) who is always turning up good things.

Recently she blogged about a site from the National Science Foundation that hosts a multi-media history of the development of the Internet and NSF’s role in it. There is a time line, pictures, video interviews and lots of good stuff there. The site is here and Leigh Ann highlights some ways it can be used in class. Use the videos as a warm up in class or for on going research projects. I can see assigning viewing different videos and summarizing them as a lesson plan for substitutes too but then I always was evil. 🙂

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  1. Martina says:

    Hi all this site is very nice for me wish all the best.

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