Teacher Favorite Templates: Ms. Stivers for 6th and 7th grade

OK these teacher templates recommendations from LeeAnn Stivers who teaches at the International School in Bellevue, Washington look awesome to me. Grade book, curriculum planners, a seating chart tool using PowerPoint and more. They were all done for and with Office 2003 so if you haven’t upgraded you’ll be happy to know you can use them. You can find many more Microsoft Office resources for teachers here. Check them out!

I have some friends at Microsoft who are looking for more teacher favorite template recommendations who are willing to share with other teachers. If you have one or more recommendations or would like to participate in a program to recommend templatesto other teachers please let me know . I’d really appreciate it.Leave a comment, send email to Alfred.Thompson (at) microsoft.com or Twitter me at https://twitter.com/AlfredTwo

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  1. Sarra says:


    I find some useful and free eduction PowerPoint templates. It is helpful for teachers to create courseware.


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