Tutorial: 2D Game Development in Silverlight

Now this looks interesting – a tutorial to create a game using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. The article describes how to implement a game loop, render images and shapes, the handling of keyboard events, and how to do some simple collision detection. I really like the ML diagrams that show the classes, they properties and methods.

Joe Stagner has a set of links on his blog to 44 different videos on parts of Silverlight BTW. So if you are looking to learn this hot net technology there are resources.

Note that Silverlight is also the technology behind the video experience at nbcOlympics.com that I’ve been using to watch a lot of the events that don’t normally make it to TV. It's also an important part of Popfly.

Also on a related (to Silverlight) note is this interesting interview with Miguel de Icaza of Mono fame who talks about the why of an open source version of Silverlight for LINUX.

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