Workin’ It at Microsoft’s Videos

I ran into a number of interesting videos about people working at Microsoft over on Facebook of all places. The best part about them is not so much that these people are at Microsoft but that they show the wide diversity of people and jobs in the computer industry. An Olympic swimmer for example. Or someone trained in media (TV and movies) who works the make technology approachable and interesting for others. And more. The are 15 different videos there as I post this and more are expected. BTW don’t miss the one with Jacqueline Russell, a Lead Project Manager for Non-Professional Developers at Microsoft. You’ll want to find out what that whole “Non-Professional Developers” thing is about and hear her explain the motivation behind tools like Popfly and sites like the Beginner Developer Learning Center.

I found links there to a bunch of other interesting sites with videos and information about careers in technology (with an emphasis on Microsoft as an example) there.

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