Opening On the Academic Relations Team at Microsoft

Have you ever thought “Alfred has an interesting job. I’ll bet I’d like to do that” or perhaps “I’d love to show Alfred how the job could really be done” or even “Boy I’d like to work with Alfred.” Well if so, there is an opening on the academic relations team based in the Pacific Northwest. You can read about it here or if that fails go to and do a search on the Job Title: Developer Evangelist – Academic.

This is a great team and  besides being made up of some of the smartest and most interesting people at Microsoft we get to work with the best and brightest students and faculty members in the whole country. This is a job where your brain can get full long before you get bored.

It’s not for the stay at the office doing paper work or writing code types. I call this a “make friends and influence people” sort of job and a personality is absolutely required. This is for people who like to get out and meet people in person as well as online. Presentation skills are very important as you’ll be giving talks to all sizes and types of audiences. You’ll need to have and maintain some serious technical cred as well. If you have some teaching background (or perhaps a textbook in your resume) that would be a big plus because understanding the academic world and how it is different from the business world is important.

So if you think you are interested check it out and apply online.

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