Periodic Table of Videos

It’s a amazing the teaching aids one can find on the Internet these days. How about a short video including a demo on each of the elements in the periodic table? Yep, there it is! The University of Nottingham has created a periodic table of videos that may be very useful in many classrooms. Actually I found it most interesting for my own self education. Of course the fact that the video on hydrogen includes an explosion helped to get my attention.

Experiments done by an enthusiastic science teacher really helped spark my interest in science as a student. Of course all science classes include some experiments and demos but who has time and resources to do a talk on every element in the periodic table? Not many! So this set of videos looks to be a great resource to me. I plan on watching a number more of them over the next few days (after work hours really). I’ve learned a lot already. I think I have a much better understanding of “heavy water” from the hydrogen video for example. Great stuff!

You can subscribe to the channel (they are updating some of the videos) at the periodicvideos channel on YouTube or visit the home web site at

[Hat tip to Miguel Guhlin whose blog post pointed me to this site and mentions that this is the sort of thing that blocking YouTube prevents teachers and students from using.]

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  1. Bob Meade says:

    Thanks for passing this on.  Some of those guys on the videos are real characters.

  2. Hi! Glad you liked our site.  We actually have a mirror site for those sschools which have blocked youTube.  Access the mirror site via the link at the bottom righthand corner of Home page.

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