Looking For More Computer Science Teacher Blogs

In my RSS reader (and in my blog roll on the sidebar) I have seven other blogs that focus mostly on high school computer science education. Some of those bloggers post more than others (Tom I’m waiting for another update) but they are all interesting and I learn from them. But I want more. There have to be more people blogging about pre-collegiate computer science education but I’m having no luck finding them. So I am hoping that my readers can help. If you have a blog that relates to K-12 computer science, especially if you are a practicing teacher, please leave a link in the comments. And if you read other related blogs and want to recommend one or several please leave those links in the comments as well. I’d really like to see the community online grow and be more helpful and supportive. There are a lot of great ideas out there that we can benefit from sharing.

It goes without saying that I am looking for more people to read here as well. Have you told a computer teacher about this blog yet? 🙂 And if you are interested in this blog please visit some of the other blogs in my set of lists.

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    So, one teacher blog I read is Dan Meyer – http://blog.mrmeyer.com/

    He is a math teacher, not CS but he is one of the people who "GET IT" (notice the all capitols)

    I would even suggest going back and reading some of his archives – they are excellent for anyone reflecting on their own teaching practices.

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