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ISTE’s Computer Teacher special interest group is made up of a really good group of teachers. Among other things I have found useful from my membership over the years has been the list of NECC sessions of interest (latest list is at the SIGCT wiki) and their journal. The journal sort of fell by the wayside for a while but is coming back under the strong leadership of John Thompson (no relation). The announcement and call for papers is now out for the next issue. (You can read the announcement at the CSTA blog – CSTA and SIGCT have a good partnership)

The Journal is now called the Journal for Computing Teachers and you can get access to the current issue from that link as well as find out more about the submission process for the next issue.

Some information from the announcement (which you can read in full at the CSTA blog or in the editor’s letter in the JCT web site)

The name for our publication was formerly the Journal for Computer Science Education. Starting with this issue, our new title is the Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT), which is more indicative of the scope of SIGCT and JCT. Besides the name change, the past practice of posting papers as they became available has been replaced with several issues a year containing multiple papers and other materials of interest about computing in K-12 education. A third change is that JCT will be available to everyone. Previously you had to be an ISTE member in order to access our publication. We have worked with the ISTE staff to have our publication available to the public at large so now everyone has direct access to JCT. This change should dramatically increase the size of our readership.

I think these changes are all to the good and the articles in the current issue look great. I plan to download them to my computer so I can read many of them on the flight out to NECC.

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