Learn How to Create a Popfly Input Box

Ed Dunhill have been running a series on web development on his blog. Recently he wrote a great post on Popfly to teach people how to create a custom input box. Ed’s summary of what the post is about is here:

For the purpose of this tutorial we will implement a block that will take XML data (in the form of an RSS feed), process and display that data. This will demonstrate the principles of building an input block in Popfly using JavaScript. In this tutorial we will build out put functionality into our block so we can display our data formatted with html, it is very easy to tweak the output so it can be transformed and displayed using further blocks.

I’ve written about Popfly before but have just talked about using the boxes that already exist for it. One can have a lot of fun and learn a lot from the existing Popfly boxes but I think for most programmers the real excitement is in creating ones own boxes. This is a nice way to start.

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