A Whole Pile of Programming Competition Questions

I was looking through the web site for the HP Code Wars competition the other day and came across the page where they list the questions they have used in this annual high school programming competition since 1999. (The previous years questions – including 2008 – are here.)

It looks like they have had between 12 and 18 questions each year. There should be something for everyone here wether you are looking for projects to prepare your own team for a programming competition or are looking for interesting projects to assign in a class. They have solutions posted (usually in either Java or C++) for some of the more recent year’s questions. I am looking for some spare time to code up some of them in Visual Basic and/or C# myself. These are the sorts of mental exercises I like to play with in my spare time. Yes, some of us do code for the fun on it.

If you are at a high school in Texas, especially in the Houston area, you may want to look into HP Code Wars for next school year. I’m actually thinking I may make it down there myself – Microsoft has been a co-sponsor for about 10 years now. Plus I love Texas. You just can’t get good TexMex where I live. That’s one more reason I am looking forward to NECC in San Antonio later this month. Hope to see some of you there!

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