Learning How to Create Games With Popfly

I recently rediscovered the Popfly wiki. The Popfly wiki is a strong and growing community effort to help people get the most out of the Popfly environment. (More on what I have written about Popfly here.) At the Popfly wiki one will find information on the various blocks that are available for creating mashups, tutorials and videos, and all sorts of other information about Popfly.

What brought me back to the wiki last week was a set of videos on the new Popfly Game Creator.  The Popfly Game Creator is the newest feature (joining the mashup and web page creation tools) being added to Popfly. It’s in beta but already a lot of fun. If you are interested in creating some simple games check out the videos and see how simple it can be. Oh and if you create some games let me know about it. I’d really like to see some out of the box thinking on some new games. Perhaps even something educational?

Speaking of tutorials, I see that my friend Dan Waters also posted his own how to video last night. Go here to see his demo of creating a Popfly Game from scratch.

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