Pitching Your Idea – An Interview About Presentations

Perry Lowe, a marketing professor at Bentley College and Philip DesAutels, were at the recent US Imagine Cup finals giving some presentations to the competitors. They were talking to the teams about making presentations about new ideas to venture capital companies specifically but with points that are really about all kinds of presentations to convince. Clint Rutkas interviewed them and the interview is now up at Channel 8.

I think that a lot of people, especially the young and creative, like the idea of starting their own company, getting some funding, and creating the next big thing. This interview gives one a taste of what to do and why some work and many fail. Also at this link are links to the PowerPoint decks that Perry and Philip used for their presentations.

I should mention that Philip has an amazing background with both large companies (Microsoft & IBM) and a bunch of Internet startups, the W3C and even setting up Internet operations in Uzbekistan with the Peace Corps. He knows startups and he knows presentations. Though just between you and me, I think his slides, while they have a ton of great information, have too many words on them 🙂

Check out the interview and look for the link to their presentation decks.

Comments (2)

  1. Ben Chun says:

    Why do the Channel 8 interviews always have such low production quality?  A microphone (and maybe an edit if someone’s cell phone rings) would go a long way.

    The content is great!  Sorry to pick on the presentation.  It just jumps out at me.

  2. Max says:

    Hi Ben,

    That’s valid feedback and I understand your frustration.  I am glad to hear you like Channel 8’s content.

    I agree with you that sound quality and post-production is lacking here and there.  The reason for this is that content comes from a few different sources: student partners around the world, academic relationship managers in the field, and my team at Microsoft’s headquarters.

    Clearly, we do not all use the same equipment nor do we all have the time to spend on the best quality post-production.  So in this example from Clint, the content was spectacular but the background noise is just a factor of the lack of boom mic or handheld mic.

    I hope you find some of the more produced videos to be more your style??  If not, keep the comments coming and I will do my best to bring up the bar for you.

    -Max from Channel 8

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