Digital Dorm Room Tour

My friend Edwin is on the road running the northeast leg of the Digital Dorm Room tour. Today he is actually at Brooklyn College which is near and dear to my heart because my wife went there and because it is only blocks away from where I grew up.

The Digital Dorm Room is actually a model of a cool technology enabled dorm room built into a truck. Why they let Edwin drive the truck around the country is beyond me. Maybe it's because I am old but somehow riding around in anything driven by Edwin has been something of a thrill ride for me. He is, let's say, an enthusiastic driver. Edwin talks about the idea behind the DDR (not to be confused with Dance Dance Revolution) on his blog here. There are some cool "toys" installed and he has prizes to give away.

The official web page with a map of where Edwin is going may be found here. Check it out as there are cool technology trailers and information about some of the software products Edwin will also be demonstrating. For a full schedule so you can find out if and when the DDR is coming to a school near you visit this page.

Edwin is a great guy and I'm not really worried about his driving. Don't read anything in to the fact that I am not tagging along. (wink wink)

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  1. Cy_k says:

    small children and family pets to be kept in doors – edwin is on the road (with a huge bus)!

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