Microsoft Game Studio On Who They Hire

Clint Rutkas has posted his interview with Frank Savage from Microsoft Gaming Studios over on Channel 8. Frank talks about what it takes to get a job in the game industry. He talks about the need for students to take math and physics in the first few minutes so make your students listen. I think that anyone interested in the game industry will find this interview interesting though.

Interestingly enough Frank talks about what they want to hear from students during an interview. A lot of it is about showing off and talking about a game that they, the student, has worked on. A lot of what he talks about is a lot like the "art of the demo" that I blogged about yesterday.

Frank also talks about what it is like to work in the industry. Sounds like you have to really love it. But you also need to have a life away from work. And then there is the need to keep up with the state of the art. Constant learning is important. So is learning how to work with others. Modern games are a team effort. Lots of good stuff in this interview.

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