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Recently at SIGCSE there was a panel on Perspectives on History in Computing and Education with John Impagliazzo, Bill Aspray, Mary Anne Egan, and Vicki Almstrum. I wasn't able to make that session but Vicki Almstrum sent out an email with a lot of links from that session to the SIGCSE mailing list. The list seemed just too useful not to pass along.

Also if you are interested in computer history you may want to  consider joining the IT History Society, which I believe is free. To sign up, please visit the page

List of Links

John Impagliazzo’s History Site

A set of images and descriptions of some early computer data storage devices.

IEEE History Center Virtual Museum

Computer History Museum

Charles Babbage Institute

Society for the History of Technology, Special Interest Group in Computers, Information, and Society

Atsushi Akera and William Aspray, Using History to Teach Computer Science and Related Disciplines (Washington, DC: Computing Research Association, 2004, 391 pages, download PDF for free),

IT History Society (ITHS)

Charles Babbage Institute Oral History Collection

ACM Oral Histories

Computerworld Oral Histories

National Museum of American History Computer Oral Histories Collection

Silicon Genesis collection at Stanford University

SIAM History Project

Computing Educators Oral History Project

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  1. Thanks to a link from Leigh Ann Sudol’s blog I found this set of images and descriptions of some early

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